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Balanced Magnetic Bedside Night Light For Bedroom

Balanced Magnetic Bedside Night Light For Bedroom

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Switch upgrade: optimize the switch to reduce misoperation. Lift the ball at the bottom. When the two balls are attracted to each other, the lamp body will light up. Put the ball at the bottom back on the base of the lamp body, and the ball will be attached to the base. Lights off.
Light source optimization: Use durable LED lamp beads, soft light, improve glare, glare and other problems, soft light protects the eyes, dual-color temperature adjustment, illuminates the dark night life.
Tap dimming: tap the dimming panel "O+-" on the side, tap ‘0’ to switch between cold and warm light, tap ‘+’-’ to adjust the brightness of the light, 6-level mode adjustment.
Battery life: 1500mAh battery life, 4-6 hours of lighting, when the side indicator light flashes red, plug the TYPE-C charging cable into the socket of the lamp holder, and connect to the power supply; the power status indicator light is always on and red flashing indicates normal charging
Turn on; when the battery is fully charged, the indicator light is always on white.
The sun faces the moon, the moon faces dusk, and the clear faces dusk. The two balls attract each other. The red string is drawn on a line. There are four color boxes for you to choose. The foam lining protects, the gift is also a ceremony.

Light: dual color temperature, adjustable cold and warm light
Battery: 1500mAh battery life
Function: 6-speed dimming on the side

Product Size:

Mini product size:

Lighting: Monochrome warm light
Battery: None
TYPE-C plug-in charging

Packing list:
Hublot | Weighing Light*1
USB charging cable*1
Manual *1
Exquisite packaging box*1

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